We’re live!

Welcome to the latest hurdle of our journey. There’s much to say and most of it is still trying to latch on to the right words. We’ve nurtured, implemented, and completely reworked these projects many times over; but now that we’ve finally reached a point where we can even consider their release, we need to make sure we present them to the world as they deserve to be presented.

We’re a small but passionate team of developers that want to contribute to the technology landscape by empowering makers (who are at the core of it all) with tools that offer new perspectives on areas that most tend to see as requiring a steep learning curve. We’ve given ourselves no simple task, but we happily press on as ardent engineers. This site lays out our three current projects with examples and milestones. The blog will allow us to share our progress with anyone interested in our tools and receive feedback from the community.

We will start by first discussing the ideation of G#, initial steps, and boil down to our current progress. Similar posts will be made for epoCh++ and Babelian as the staggered release progresses. Thank you for for coming along for the ride!

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