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This is the language that started it all. An idea was needed for a senior capstone project and inspiration struck from a very unexpected source. A passion for the design and construction of programming languages and compilers very quickly developed.


Soon after entering the workforce, the pair encountered Pro*C. The concept was so full of potential, but its implementation left much to be desired. Come meet the latest dialect(?) in the C family and see why it’s not your average superset.


This is the most ambitious project on our development team’s list of future accomplishments. What started out as a spoken conlang provided the reverse inspiration for bringing together features in a more powerful way than ever previously seen.

Latest from the Blog

Origin, part 1

The details and tutorials of G# have started going up so it’s a good time to shed some light on how the language came to have its current philosophy, appearance, and behaviour. Initial Thoughts As a very short recap, the ideation of the language snowballed from reading a music theory textbook. There are a number…


This post is short and sweet. It’s just to announce that we’ve established a presence on the Visual Studio Marketplace! We’ve uploaded very early versions of our VS Code extensions for working with our languages (G# has the most content so far). Please consider checking their pages for updates and giving them a try!

We’re live!

Welcome to the latest hurdle of our journey. There’s much to say and most of it is still trying to latch on to the right words. We’ve nurtured, implemented, and completely reworked these projects many times over; but now that we’ve finally reached a point where we can even consider their release, we need to…

A language that doesn’t affect the way you think about programming is not worth knowing.

Alan Jay Perlis

This simple statement has been the driving force behind all of our ideations.

“There’s already so many languages. Why add more?” This question stems from not knowing what’s out there and why what already exists exists. Lend us your attention and we’ll explain how we intend to innovate.

A Short Intro From The Developers

Danny Betancourt

Welcome! We’re excited to have you as a visitor to our new home. Andrew and I have decided to finally take our hobby in a more serious direction and really try to make something of ourselves. We’re software developers that slowly became captivated by the world of hardware engineering. We think the journey led to some very interesting ideas and we’re ready to start sharing them with other makers.

Andrew Truong

Welcome! We’re happy for the opportunity to meet other makers like you. Take a look at our projects and if any pique your interest, give it a try and maybe get in touch with us!